About Us

    The ARTLAB began as an experiment among artists and professionals who wanted to share a common workspace and develop new pathways of communication for creative exchange. It was designed to benefit not only each member, but also to promote an appreciation of art and culture throughout Jerusalem. A mini-series and several productions were created, as well as numerous trainings, classes and cultural events were held. This tremendous amount of work and effort helped gain the LAB the reputation as a space for expression, exchange and creativity in the city.


    As the project diversified and the scope of the work expanded, the group entered into a time of transition and transformation, during which the name, the original space in the Old City and even the make up of the core members changed. Out of this period was born a more structured organization committed to remaining true to its roots but inspired to explore new horizons.


    Today the ARTLAB has continued to evolve and has taken shape as a legally registered NPO, with an established advisory committee and shareholders. The members are also beginning the planning process for the development of a production house that will help to not only promote the work of ARTLAB itself, but also be a platform for other artists from Palestine and around the world who are interested in working in the region.


     Through the participation in the activities held by the lab and inspired by its outputs, stereotypes are being challenged and the local and international community is actively invested in a cultural debate designed to open minds and encourage individual expression.



      To establish a creative platform that hosts professional trainings, cultural events, produces

in-house multimedia outputs, and provide services to local and international organizations and businesses.